Meet our talented designers!

Misha Gregg | Lighting Assistant

Balentin Lugo | Costume Assistant

Dominga Opazo | Set Designer
Senior - Art Practice
These is my first time being a set designer at a show, I worked with Annie Smart last semester on Rhinoceros as her set design assistant. I am incredible lucky to be working with such an amazing team and I am excited to see it how the show turns out. 

 Aria Pipp | Costume Designer for Lisa Wymore
Junior - Interdisciplinary Field Studies, minor in Technical Theater Production
I became a part of the project to expand my practice in designing as well as expand my experience working in the costume shop.  I am also exciting to be apart of the project because I have always loved dance and designing for a dance piece has challenged me.   
This is Aria Pipp's first time seeing her designs brought to life on stage.  Her previous experiencing includes working as an assistant to Wendy in the costume shop on The Bacchae and Summertime.

Devon Simpson | Costume Designer for Ann Carlson
Senior - Theater and Performance Studies, English
I fell in love with costume design in Annie Smart's class, and first assisted on Rhinoceros last semester. This semester I've been honored to design for BDP, and especially to continue working in the costume shop. I hope I can continue working with all the wonderful people there. Big thanks to Balentin, the best assistant in the world!

Kyo Yohena | Costume Designer for Jo Kreiter
Junior - Psychology, minor in Theater and Performance Studies
As a Psychology major and Theater and Performance studies minor, Kyo Yohena has had the honor of having The Berkeley Dance Project as her fifth show as costume designer at Cal. Her previous works include Wondergirl the musical, Urinetown, and The Tempest. She is also an active employee at the costume shop in the Theater, Dance, and Performance studies department where she has met the most influential people in her costume design career. Kyo hopes to spread creativity beyond her work at Cal. Divulge into Jo Kreiter’s awe inspiring piece, When To Let Go. Enjoy!